Campus Callosum 🧠

Neuroscience camp at Burning Man 2023


Our favorite fiber tract, the Campus Callosum, is going back to Burning Man this year and looking to form new connections!

Hypothesis: Scientifically rigorous yet playful activities enhance your burn.

Intro: Our science-themed camp, Campus Callosum, is hosting interactive demos, games, workshops, science art, and Q&As… and we want YOUR BRAIN!

Specific Aims:

AIM 1) Founded by neuroscientists and friends, we have a ton of brainy events! Check out our interactive neurotech, operant conditioning games, and expert-led chats on the neuroscience of drugs, the mind and more.

AIM 2) Our speakeasy ‘The Double-Blind Pig’ is serving placebo-controlled refreshments. Drop in for “Ask a Drunk Scientist” to help us answer the all the questions that emerge from the dust and test your own ability to discern your sobriety.

Don‘t forget to have a look at our scientifically-inspired art projects on your way out!


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